Edinburgh aims to be net zero by 2030 and needs your support to get there. Because more than half of the emissions cuts needed for Edinburgh to reach its target, rely on people and businesses making low-carbon choices.

That’s why today, we’re challenging you to find out what actions you can take to help us reach net zero. Below you’ll find some top tips and key resources to get you started.

Calculate your carbon footprint for free and take action to reduce your footprint today. Share your personal net-zero journey and the actions you’ve committed to taking and help inspire others. Share using #NetZeroEdin #MyClimateAction. Together we can help create a better planet!


We all have a part to play in creating a cleaner, greener net zero Edinburgh. Together we can make a difference.

By making a few changes to our everyday habits we can reduce the impact climate change will have on our lives.

We have complied some of the steps we can take to help save money, improve our health and wellbeing and tackle the effects of climate change.

Calculate your carbon footprint

Calculating your carbon footprint is easy. There are a number of different sites available which let you do this which are free and easy to use including: 

Pawprint WWF  and  CarbonFootprint.com 

Learn where you can make a difference

By calculating your carbon footprint you can find out what actions you can take to make a difference and help create a cleaner, greener Edinburgh. We’ve collated some helpful tops and local links to support you on your net zero journey.

Share your actions on social with #MyClimateAction

Share what actions you’ve committed to take to help tackle climate change using the #MyClimateAction and help inspire others.

Talk about your experiences: Help normalise action and encourage others to act.