New to Edinburgh? Support Edinburgh’s climate targets by choosing sustainable suppliers and experiences whilst visiting the city. 

Start your net-zero transition: we have put together a list of resources to help support organisations on their journey to net-zero. 


Edinburgh is a thriving city and is home to businesses from all industries who are driving innovation and solutions to help tackle the climate crisis and support the city’s target of net-zero ambitions by 2030.

Businesses and stakeholders from across the private, public and third sectors are working together to invest in climate action and make our city resilient to future challenges and build a better future for our citizens. 

There are many innovative and exciting projects being undertaken in the city to support Edinburgh’s net-zero commitment and to help the city meet it’s climate target.

A range of practical resources and toolkits, including information on the Edinburgh Climate Compact, are also available to help businesses reduce their emissions.

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