In 2021, the City of Edinburgh Council published the 2030 Climate Strategy, which serves as a city-wide blueprint for achieving a net zero, climate-resilient Edinburgh by 2030. This strategy aims to foster a healthier, thriving, and inclusive capital for all residents and workers.

The 2030 Climate Strategy focuses on six key actions that play a crucial role in reaching our net zero target. These actions are:

  1. Unlocking and accelerating energy efficiency in homes and buildings.
  2. Enabling the development of a citywide programme for heat and energy generation and distribution infrastructure.
  3. Accelerating the decarbonisation of public transportation.
  4. Renewing our focus on climate resilience and hastening the city’s adaptation efforts.
  5. Supporting citizen empowerment, behaviour change, and community activism.
  6. Facilitating business transition and fostering the growth of the green economy.

To ensure effective implementation, the strategy is supported by a detailed implementation plan. This plan outlines the specific deliverables, timelines, milestones, and resources required to achieve our ambitious climate goals. Additionally, it provides a framework for measuring outcomes and assessing impact.

To ensure transparency and accountability, progress toward the target will be reported annually by the City of Edinburgh Council.

Together, we can create a sustainable and resilient Edinburgh, where future generations can thrive. Join us in our journey towards a net zero future.