Together we have enormous power and influence over the city’s emissions and we can create a thriving net-zero future for everyone.

However, we understand that taking action and transitioning to net-zero may be challenging and can seem daunting. To help with this we have put together a list of resources to help support organisations on their journey to net-zero.

5 top things to start your net-zero transition


The Edinburgh Climate Compact is a commitment made by businesses and organisations in Edinburgh to take action to help significantly reduce the city’s carbon emissions and contribute to a green recovery. 

It outlines clear action areas for businesses to focus on and commit to, allowing businesses to tailor their activity to their own particular business. Businesses of all sizes can sign up to the Compact with support available for SMEs.


Measuring your current emissions is the first step for a business. This helps to create an emissions baseline which you can use to set reduction targets. At this stage businesses need to consider what their energy usage is, the fuel used in company vehicles and the level of waste produced. Businesses should also look at what the impacts are from their products and services. By doing this it will help businesses determine what their Scope of emissions are.

There are online tools available which help you to calculate your carbon footprint .


After considering your baseline measurement, you can begin to set targets and make plans on how to achieve this.

Committing to a target will help drive and deliver change and show your commitment to stakeholders.Focusing on reducing emissions from activities businesses have direct control over should be the first step before moving on to the business’s wider, supply chain.

You can begin by starting small and making incremental changes which can increase year on year.


With targets, strategies and plans in place, it’s now time to put everything into action. Progress towards your target should be reviewed on a regular basis and changes can be made where needed.

If you need support at this stage, there are many free tools and resources available for businesses more generally, and sector specific guides.

Work with YOUR supply chain

Most businesses will have emissions associated with their supply chain that they have to reduce to help them achieve their net zero target. Businesses should work with their supply chain to help and support them to reduce their own emissions, this will help reduce the Scope 3 emissions.