As we look ahead to the future, it’s clear that climate change will significantly impact our lives in various ways. Over the past century, we’ve already witnessed rising temperatures, sea level increases, and shifting rainfall patterns. These changes will persist and intensify in the coming decades, affecting not only our health and livelihoods but also our buildings, infrastructure, economy, and environment. The UK Climate Projections by the Met Office provides detailed information on these impacts.

In Edinburgh, we are proactively preparing for and managing the risks associated with climate change, all while prioritising the needs of residents, communities, and businesses.

The Impacts of Climate Change on Edinburgh


The changing climate will bring about wetter autumns and winters in Edinburgh. Expect an increase in overall rainfall, accompanied by more intense downpours that can result in surface water flooding—a persistent challenge for our city.

A warmer climate will also lead to higher temperatures, particularly in Edinburgh’s urban areas. Hotter days will impact:

  • Public health and well-being, especially among older and more vulnerable citizens.
  • The design, construction, management, and use of buildings, require attention to water management to mitigate flooding and drought risks, as well as address weathering and overheating concerns.
  • The transport infrastructure necessitates adaptation to changing climate conditions.
Wildlife and Seasons

Temperature increases, droughts, and floods are already affecting habitats and ecosystems. In the future, we can anticipate:

  • The potential disappearance or relocation of species and habitats due to hotter days, flooding, drought, and coastal erosion.
  • Changes to Edinburgh’s ecosystems as the composition of plants and animals evolves.

Our seasons are also shifting, with earlier springs. Consequently, these changes may cause:

  • Disruptions to the synchronicity between native and migratory wildlife and the seasons.
  • Alterations to our natural environment, farming practices, and vital events such as pollination.
Edinburgh Residents

Addressing climate change in Edinburgh is not only essential for the well-being of our planet but also brings broader social, health, and economic benefits to our entire city. For instance, improving the energy efficiency of homes not only lowers energy bills but also enhances people’s health and well-being while simultaneously reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We recognise the urgency and importance of tackling climate change head-on. Together, we can forge a sustainable path forward, safeguarding our environment and ensuring a brighter future for all.