Welcome to the Net Zero Edinburgh website, a partnership between the City of Edinburgh Council and Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, to showcase the city’s net zero ambitions, highlight progress towards our targets and how citizens, businesses and stakeholders can get involved. Our goal is to ensure that the amount of emissions we release into the atmosphere is balanced by the amount we can remove. By taking this approach, we aim to achieve a net emissions total of zero in Edinburgh by 2030

Our journey towards net zero begins with reducing emissions through changes in our behaviours and processes. By embracing net zero, we can positively transform our way of life, creating a healthier, cleaner, safer, and fairer city for both current and future generations. To accomplish this, we must take immediate action, collectively.

Scotland plans to reach net zero by 2045

Whilst Edinburgh has an ambitious target to become a net zero city by 2030. Collectively, we have an opportunity to lead by example and take a prominent role in addressing the global climate emergency. Critical to this is our commitment to a ‘just transition’, ensuring we achieve net zero in a fair and inclusive way, leaving no one behind.