We all need to be willing to change the way we do things and work together in new ways to help Edinburgh become a net zero, climate ready city by 2030.

The choices we make every day can lead to big reductions in emissions. There are lots of ways you can take climate action in Edinburgh.

Get clued up

Understanding your carbon footprint and using calculators such as the WWF carbon footprint calculator will help you discover your impact on the environment and identify where you can reduce it.

Travel greener

Switch your travel choices: Consider replacing petrol or diesel cars with electric vehicles and making greater use of public transport, car-share schemes or bikes. 

Think about how you work, and where possible use remote working to cut down on business travel.

Improve energy and reduce waste

Encourage plants and wildlife

  • Support Edinburgh’s One Million tree project
  • Make your garden as wildlife friendly as possible by growing local plants, trees and bushes which help local wildlife
  • Remove paving and tarmac from private driveways and front gardens, to help reduce flooding

Actions speak louder than words

Use your purchasing power to send strong signals to businesses by choosing products and services that are more environmentally friendly. This includes choosing when possible:

  • Seasonal, organic, and locally grown food
  • Second-hand items
  • Low-packaged items
  • Goods and services from ethical brands

There is a range of zero waste shops in Edinburgh. You can take a look at Zero Waste Edinburgh Map to identify refill shops in your area.