Anthesis, the largest dedicated group of sustainability professionals globally, launches Anthesis Impact TrackerTM, a dedicated digital solution designed and developed for local authorities to accelerate climate action through enhanced monitoring, reporting, and decision-making. Part of the Anthesis Digital portfolio of Software-as-a-Service tools, Anthesis Impact Tracker has been led by the experts behind the SCATTER greenhouse gas reporting tool, used by 80% of all local authorities, and Area Based Insetting, an innovative alternative to traditional offsetting for UK local authorities.

With more than 300 local authorities declaring a climate emergency and 75% having a climate action plan or strategy in place, tracking, and coordinating climate action progress, and reporting to stakeholders are two of the critical challenges local authorities face. In response and leveraging its extensive public sector experience and network, Anthesis convened a working group of 15 local authorities across the UK to design a digital solution to tackle these challenges and support the implementation of climate action plans.  

Anthesis Impact Tracker will help users track progress on implementing their climate action plans and collaborate, monitor, and report transparently with stakeholders across their local areas. The tool enables a local plan or strategy to be automatically visualised across key impact areas or themes, such as renewable generation, the built environment, transportation, or biodiversity. Further metrics, such as deadlines and stakeholder responsibility, can be added against actions to support coordination. Flexibility is key, and the tool is designed to adapt to a range of strategic approaches to action planning and use cases.  

Anthesis Impact Tracker also provides immediate access to a range of data through which the impact of local climate initiatives can be reviewed. More than forty preloaded key performance indicators from multiple sources are included, ranging from building stock performance, renewable generation, and land management to macro scale emissions data. Gaining immediate access to this library will save users significant time in identifying relevant indicators and accessing their data. In addition, the library will expand over time, including adding local data unique to users’ areas. 

Anthesis Impact Tracker is extremely user-friendly. Having all our data sourced in one place helps to provide insights into the progress of our Climate Action Plan. The dashboard is a great step forward for reporting and data transparency.

Georgia James
Environmental Data Officer, Camden Borough Council

Designed for a non-technical audience with the support of Anthesis’ in-house digital user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) experts, the simple to use tool has a fully customisable dashboard, allowing the data manager to control the data sets shared by the audience.   

Anthesis Impact Tracker will be available from May 2023 through Anthesis Digital, Anthesis’ hub for climate-related technology and digital learning capabilities. Further enhancements will be rolled out throughout the year, including enhanced reporting capabilities and new modelling functionality to better track the impact of actions against net zero commitments.  

Through Anthesis Digital, clients can benefit from best-in-class solutions for supply chain reporting and compliance, product footprinting impacts, sustainable cities with purpose-led KPIs, market-specific reporting, climate risk and investment planning, and intelligent and reliable market insights. In addition, all topics will be supported through digital learning capabilities to encourage stakeholder and mass engagement across an organisation.  

As the largest pure-play sustainability firm globally, supporting more than 2,600 clients to set and achieve their climate change goals, Anthesis is at the forefront of using digital innovation to drive impact. Anthesis Impact Tracker is a further example of how Anthesis supports its clients to be more resilient in the face of externalities and drive change towards a just society.