Although COP26 is based in Glasgow, a programme of supporting events is planned to take place in Edinburgh. Many delegates will also choose to base themselves here for the duration of the conference, while others will visit before, during or after. 

The nature of your business, and where you are based in Edinburgh, could mean that you, your staff, and potentially your suppliers, are impacted by COP26. It may also present significant opportunities too.

Plan Ahead

Work out if your business will be impacted by COP26, evaluate the effects and identify any changes or adaptations to operations you will need to make. These could include:

  • Plan your staffing levels: Think about if you need to increase or decrease staffing. Can some people work from home, if they are not already doing so, to minimise effects of travel disruption or protests?
  • Think about travel: If people need to travel for work, encourage them to plan ahead, and where possible, think of alternative modes of transport.  Download the Travelline Scotland app  to your phone or tablet or follow  @LothianBuses  or  @EdinTravel  on Twitter for the latest travel updates. 
  • Review your operations: Look at your opening times. You may wish to change them to take advantage of the conference and potential for increased delegates in the city during this time. Think about the effects on inventory and stock planning, capacity, and cleaning/sanitising requirements for your business.
  • Brief your staff: Make staff aware of any changes to your business operation, and why. This will help them plan can help them be informed when engaging with customers and visitors to the city who are attending COP26 or have an interest in it.
  • Business opportunities: COP26 may offer you the chance to increase your business and take advantage of the event and additional footfall. Delegate discounts, themed menus or events, or additional offers could all attract business.
  • Promotion and customer communication: Whatever you choose to do, remember it is important to update your digital channels. As well as highlighting how you are engaging with COP26, you may also want to keep existing and regular customers informed on how they can continue to do business with or visit you during this time.


Climate change and COP26 may see the potential for protests and associated events. There may be a more visible police presence, to help ensure people‚Äôs right to peaceful protest and assembly are met. 

You do not need to worry about this. It is part of normal police operations. 

However, remain vigilant, stay informed, and engage with Police Scotland as appropriate to make sure your staff and customers stay safe and that any disruption to your business is kept to a minimum. Find out more about policing COP26.


COP26 provides the ideal opportunity for you to raise awareness of what your business is doing to tackle climate change. 

Use the event and support available to promote to customers, suppliers and partners how your business is contributing to helping Edinburgh become net-zero by 2030.

If you have not yet started doing anything, this is a great chance to find out what actions you can take. Our resources and support section offers advice and support to businesses of all sizes on cutting emissions and moving to greener business practiced.