Changeworks records biggest impact yet but more needs to be done to achieve net zero

Changeworks, Scotland’s leading environmental charity, has achieved its biggest impact to date in reducing carbon emissions and helping people in need of energy advice. In the context of the accelerating climate emergency and energy crisis, Changeworks’ goal to decarbonise Scotland’s homes has never been more important.

Changeworks works with partners and organisations to deliver more energy efficient housing and tackle fuel poverty. In the past year, the charity expanded its services to support more than 67,000* people in Scotland to take actions that will reduce the carbon emissions from their home; a 22% increase on those reached in the previous year. By providing energy advice, Changeworks supported householders to save £4.06 million on their energy bills, or through income maximisation. These savings make a crucial difference to householders at a time when more and more people are in fuel poverty in Scotland.

Working with councils and social landlords across the country, Changeworks installed over 7,700* energy efficiency measures on homes. It is estimated that 370,000* tonnes of carbon savings will be made over the lifetime of the measures installed. Scotland has some of the leakiest homes in Europe, and as much as a third of a home’s heat is lost through the walls.

Reducing emissions from our homes is key to meet Scotland’s net zero targets. Focusing on improving energy efficiency through low carbon heating and renewable technologies allows for a reduction in carbon emissions, whilst also making homes warmer, more comfortable and lowering energy bills. Over 1 million homes in Scotland need to convert to zero or low emissions heating systems by 2030 to meet our net zero targets.

Changeworks’ Chief Executive, Josiah Lockhart said:

“The past year has seen us provide invaluable levels of support to householders across Scotland. While these are incredible achievements, we all need to do more, faster to tackle the climate emergency and ensure a just transition to net zero. At Changeworks, we will continue to invest in our growth and expand our services to maximise our ongoing impact.”

Looking ahead, Changeworks is developing new services to support householders and will continue to work with even more partners to drive innovation to accelerate the decarbonisation of Scotland’s homes.