CMS Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism is vital for our economy, having been identified in the Scottish Government’s Scotland’s Economic Strategy (2015) as a growth sector where the country can build on existing comparative advantage as well as increase productivity.

The sector is hugely diverse and includes not only obvious tourism-related industries, such as accommodation, but also those that benefit directly or indirectly from tourism, for example, food and drink, transport and retail.

CMS Scotland is delighted to be working with The Scotsman to share a series of articles to look at sustainable tourism in more detail.  Over the coming months you will hear insights from experts across various teams here at CMS Scotland.  We will get to grips with the key opportunities and challenges relating to sustainable tourism and its impact on many sub sectors.

30 March 2023 – Why sustainable tourism is vital to Scotland’s economy,  The Scotsman

26 April 2023 – Going the extra work mile, The Scotsman

24 May 2023 – Festivals must be collaborative acts, The Scotsman

28 June 2023 – Achievable actions lead to net-zero, The Scotsman

26 July 2023 – Experts highlight vital role for travel tech in boosting visitor numbers to Scotland and aiding sustainability in its tourism sector, The Scotsman

24 August – Weighing up the overnight levy, The Scotsman