Edinburgh Solar Coop

Overview of project:

One of the largest community-owned, urban renewable energy projects in the UK, the Edinburgh Solar Co-operative owns and operates 30 solar panel installations across the city – generating clean, renewable electricity for these buildings and the wider grid.

Run in partnership with the City of Edinburgh Council and Energy4All, the scheme is funded through investments made by organisations or individuals, with priority allocation given to Edinburgh residents.

Energy generated from the panels is used to power the buildings with surplus energy sold to the National Grid. Investors are then provided with a fixed return on their investors with additional profits reinvested locally through a Community Benefit Fund into local projects that promote sustainability and renewable energy.

Community energy co-operatives allow local people to play a part in building a greener, more sustainable environment whilst raising awareness more generally about the importance of being energy efficient.

Edinburgh Solar Cooperative panels can be found on local schools, community centres and leisure facilities across the city as well as on public buildings such as the Council’s headquarters, Waverly Court. 

The first 24 installations generated enough renewable energy to power 282 homes for a year and the installation on the roof of Waverley Court is expected to generate enough to power 41 homes for a year

Key stats:

  • Approximately 1.1GWh of clean, renewable electricity generated for buildings and the wider grid. 1 gigawatt of solar is enough to power 300,000 homes in Edinburgh
  • 19 schools, 2 community centres, 3 Edinburgh Leisure buildings and 6 public buildings all fitted with solar panels.

More information: https://www.edinburghsolar.coop/