Workplaces across Edinburgh & Lothians can now apply for Cycling Friendly Employer funding to encourage staff to cycle for everyday journeys.

The Cycling Friendly programme offers expert, tailored one-to-one support and funding from Transport Scotland to make it easier and more accessible to cycle in the places that people work, live, study, and spend time. Workplaces will be supported to attain the nationally-recognised Cycling Friendly award, with a bespoke framework, dedicated assessor and resources provided.

Organisations can apply for up to £25,000 per workplace in grant funding to install or improve facilities such as bike parking or purchasing pool bikes, subject to available funds.

Encouraging workplace cycling supports good physical and mental health for staff, improves the local environment and enhances corporate social responsibility by reducing carbon footprint.

In St Vincent’s Plaza, an office building in Glasgow, four businesses in the building came together to improve cycling facilities for their workplace, securing Cycling Friendly Employer funding and installing sheltered bike storage, new lockers, and a maintenance and repair area. One in five members of staff now cycle to work.

Operational Manager at Wood, Robert Lockhart, says: “My employer gives me time to undertake the cycling friendly work as they can see how it comes back to the organisation with better motivated staff, healthier and happier people. It does inspire others to join in: people go from rarely cycling to becoming avid fans – and not just for commuting to work; they also see the positive impact on both their health and their pockets.”

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