From Now to Net Zero. A Practical Guide for SMEs

Achieving Net Zero by 2045 will require a transformation of business across Scotland and indeed around the world, but it is an urgent task if we are to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Our research and conversations with SMEs are key to our effort to deepen our understanding of the challenges and our mission to help navigate the way ahead together.

The findings of this report are in many ways highly encouraging. Most SMEs (firms with fewer than 250 employees) have recognised the importance of sustainability to the natural environment and to their future success. Many say they have already started on their journey to Net Zero.

But while there is a will to act, the way forward is not always clear. Some SMEs, particularly the smallest businesses, are daunted by the knowledge they need to acquire before they can take any action.

And of course, the journey to Net Zero will involve investment and finance. Almost 40% of firms cite the costs and fear of low returns on investment as a significant barrier to action. The responsibility of the financial sector to help SMEs with their sustainability journey is undeniable.

Our conversations with SMEs have proved just as valuable, perhaps more so, than the statistics. We listened to the views and concerns of SMEs of all sizes and sectors across the UK and their insights can be found throughout this report.

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