Rebound & Remodel: Scotland’s road to recovery

Much of our attention has turned to Scotland’s road to recovery post pandemic, post-Brexit and post-election. As a nation, Scotland is still addressing a catastrophic pandemic and is in the midst of an uncertain economic landscape ahead. It is dealing with the UK’s exit from the EU and the recent Scottish general election, which has firmed up the prospect of another independence referendum in the medium term.

The CMS Scotland team has prepared an insight paper and video looking at some of the main factors driving this recovery, with a focus on the political landscape, sustainability and the retail and tourism sectors.

The paper and video draws on insight from the CMS team and Mairi Spowage from the Fraser of Allander Institute, Sandy Begbie CBE from Scottish Financial Enterprise, Brian Lironi from Scottish Water, Martin Perry from Nuveen Real Estate and Kerr Young from JLL who share their views on the key themes that will influence Scotland’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

Find out more about the report here.