Recycle Scotland recently worked with Hardies Property & Construction Consultants to sustainably source additional furniture for their office at Afton House, West Nile Street in Glasgow.

The Recycle Scotland team visited their offices and surveyed the space to help them better understand their furniture requirements. They then sourced them a comprehensive solution that would suit the style of their existing space, assembling and installing over 30 new desks and pedestals. Taking a circular approach to office furniture was an important aspect for the Hardies team and Recycle Scotland is delighted to have been able to support them to do this on a number of projects recently.

All furniture that had reached its end of life was dismantled and recycled responsibly, eliminating waste, and assigning value to as much materials as possible.

The availability of a good selection of quality used furniture that may otherwise go to landfill was important to us. We didn’t get the ‘hard sell’ for furniture that was in stock, Recycle Scotland advised us on the availability of stock and gave us the option to wait on something more suitable. Cost was obviously a consideration for us and this solution meant that we could get almost new furniture at a much-reduced price. Recycle Scotland visited our office to understand our requirements and made some suggestions that reduced our needs and saved us money. The team were very approachable and helpful, and I would recommend the service of Recycle Scotland to other businesses.

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Graeme Davidson, Managing Director, Harides/ Shepherds