The benefits of a well thought out Environmental, Social and Governance strategy

An environmental, social and governance – or ESG – strategy aims to measure the sustainability of our businesses and of our investment choices. If organisations don’t address ESG issues, their long-term viability may be adversely affected, and if they do, there are various commercial advantages to be gained.

As we begin to transition out of the pandemic, many organisations are taking a more holistic view of their business and its overall aims, goals and the various strategies they align with. The transition to Net Zero is now a business imperative.

In this podcast, our partner and renewable energy law specialist, Martin Whiteford, talks to Alan Sommerville of Governex, an ESG consultancy based in Edinburgh, about why these strategies are becoming increasingly important to modern businesses.

Our built environment contributes substantially to carbon emissions and Martin and Alan discuss specifically how the Real Estate sector is beginning to embrace ESG.

Alan shares some of his top insights into how to demonstrate authenticity and achieve tangible benefits from a forward thinking ESG strategy.

The pair discuss the practical issues around creating an ESG strategy for an organisation, noting that its value must be clear from the outset and that any such strategy benefits from buy-in at the highest level.

They explain the types of data that you’ll need to gather and understand to be able to convert data into an actionable strategy and then how best to implement it.