The LACRIMA Foundation Nominated for the 2024 Earthshot Prize for Creating the World’s first 3D Printed Wood Log Hive

The LACRIMA Foundation, an Edinburgh-based NGO committed to honey bee conservation and protection, today announced its nomination for the prestigious 2024 Earthshot Prize. The nomination comes on the heels of the foundation launching its cutting-edge 3D Printed Wood Log Hive designed to protect and conserve honey bee populations.

The Earthshot Prize recognizes organizations and projects developing innovative solutions that will repair the planet in this decade. Founded by His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales, The Earthshot Prize aims to help finalists scale their efforts with special programming and award five prize winners over the next decade with £1 million to advance their mission.

The LACRIMA Foundation’s 3D Printed Wood Log Hive with the latest High Tech Hive Monitoring System advances Earthshot’s mission to protect and restore nature. In recent years, increasing global attention has been paid to the decimation of the world’s honey bee population and its critical role in balancing our fragile ecosystem. Despite this attention, honey bee populations continue to decline rapidly due to habitat loss, pesticide exposure, and disease.

In response to these challenges and to advance its mission of protecting honeybees and championing holistic beekeeping practices, The foundation developed a first-of-its-kind product to dually transform the beekeeping landscape and the natural ecosystem of honey bees.

After years of research and development into historical beekeeping practices and natural honey bee habitats, The LACRIMA Foundation launched its 3D Printed Wood Log Hive to preserve and renew the health and resiliency of honey bees. The hive utilizes traditional Bashkir man-made cavity log hives and fully biodegradable wood filaments to recreate the hive environment. “Natural nest habitat is critical for the preservation and renewal of the health and resiliency of honey bees,” said Vince Moucha, founder and CEO of The LACRIMA Foundation. “We’ve bridged the gaps between high-tech and nature by recreating the natural hive structure to provide bees with an opportunity to live in an undisturbed ecosystem in synergy with their seasonal rhythms. To be recognized for this work and nominated for the prestigious Earthshot Prize is an honour and will help us gain attention for this vital project.”

The LACRIMA Foundation is self-supporting its 3D Printed Wood Log Hive project and also raises funds and spreads awareness by creating charity honey bee bracelets.

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