What role will innovation play in the journey to net zero?

Innovation will play a significant role in supporting businesses to reach their net zero targets. More broadly, innovation is required for economies to improve productivity, resource efficiency and resilience in addition to creating opportunities for new markets and growth.

To meet our ambitious targets innovation will not only need to include the use of new and emerging technologies but will also require us to change the way existing technologies are used alongside behavioural change.

To explore the importance of innovation, in supporting us to achieve net zero, we hosted our Net Zero Innovation event last month. With over 40 attendees in the room, we heard from David Townsend, Founder and CEO of TownRock Energy which is a geothermal energy specialist consultancy and technology R&D business. David highlighted some of the key innovative projects he has been working on with businesses to help them with their net zero targets.

One project that stood out is the BODYHEAT project which saw Townsend Energy partner with an arts and events venue in Glasgow to install a system that collects body heat from venue visitors and stores it underground in boreholes. This can then be used at a later date to heat or cool the venue. Thank you to David for providing some fascinating insights and to the team at CMS for hosting us.

We are delighted to support SMEs on their journey to net zero in Edinburgh and have launched a suite of support. If you need any information or support on your net zero journey please contact the project team at netzeroedinburgh@edinburghchamber.co.uk or call the team on 0131 221 2999.