The role of e-bikes in decarbonising transportation

When it comes to dealing with climate change, everyone has a responsibility to make a difference and help protect the planet for future generations. 

In today’s society, this is being made easier than ever before, due in part to greater accessibility to information and advancements in technology. Not only are people becoming more aware of the problem, but technology is making it easier for individuals to make more eco-conscious decisions, helping everyone to play their small part in tackling the climate emergency.

Transportation is one industry in particular that has faced criticism in recent years, being one of the key contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. But that is slowly starting to change, as greener alternatives to traditional modes of transport come to the fore. From electric cars to electric bikes, there are many contemporary solutions that are allowing individuals to switch out fossil fuels for cleaner options, helping to reduce their overall carbon footprint. 

This informative guide produced by the Bike Storage Company shines a light on the environmental concerns facing the transportation industry in the UK, and explores how bikes and e-bikes could be part of the solution. For instance, it’s predicted that cycling and walking has the potential to provide between £20-£100m worth of air quality benefits by 2050

And with the government’s ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles just around the corner, e-bikes will likely feature more commonly on our streets and roads. Find out more about the role they have to play in curing the transport industry’s environmental headache in the guide.