FashionCycle is a brand new sustainability initiative exclusively for My John Lewis customers across the UK. Through FashionCycle, you can return a broad range of clothing items which will be resold or recycled, and we’ll say thank you by giving you £5 off your next fashion or home purchase on the same day. Most clothing items including shirts , t-shirts, jumpers, trousers, shorts, dresses & some childrenswear. For a full list of what we can & can’t accept, please see the terms and conditions on the bottom of this page.

Why have we created FashionCycle as our solution to textile waste?

Over 300,000 tonnes of textiles end up in landfill each year. We’ve committed to help lower this number as part of our Partnership Plan and by introducing FashionCycle we can get more unwanted clothing out of landfill and reused or recycled instead.In our Partnership Plan we committed to all our product categories having a ‘buyback’ or ‘takeback’ solution. We therefore want to ensure that we’re providing our customers with solutions to deal with their pre-loved items.

Where do my clothes go?

We will be working with Satcol, the largest charity owned textiles sorting provider in the UK. At the sorting centre they will separate the textiles into 3 graded types: A For onward selling in charity shops B For selling to secondary markets C If the textile is end of life or not rewearable then it will go through the textiles sorting machine where it separates out the different types of textiles. These separated textiles can then be sold for onwards repurposing into all kinds of products including pet bedding or carpet underlay. This market leading machine limits the amount of textiles that end up in landfill.

Sign up for free to be a My John Lewis member here and bring in five or more clothing items to our shops.

What is BeautyCycle?

BeautyCycle was launched in 2019 and is the first rewarding beauty recycling initiative to be available to My John Lewis members across the UK. Through BeautyCycle, you can recycle a broad range of beauty packaging, and we’ll treat you to £5 off your next beauty purchase every time you return five beauty empties to us.

Which products can I recycle?

Most completely empty make-up or skincare products including beauty jars, tubes, bottles and make-up products. For a full list of what we can and can’t accept, please see the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.

Why have we created BeautyCycle as our solution to beauty waste?

The beauty industry is a big contributor to global pollution, producing around 120 billion units of packaging each year, little of which can be recycled at home. Working in partnership with a leading global recycling expert, BeautyCycle helps to eliminate this waste by recycling your beauty empties for you and rewarding you in return.

What’s been the impact of BeautyCycle so far?

Since November 2019, more than 85,000 My John Lewis members have donated to BeautyCycle, saving an incredible 425,000 products from going to landfill.

Where do my products go?

From the collection points in our shops, our recycling experts will take your products and either recycle or compost them, or turn them into new products.

See how you’re making a difference

In 2020, we launched our Playground Commitment in partnership with a global recycling expert, and in April 2021, we helped to support the making of a playground at the NHS Becton Centre for Children and Young People. All thanks to you recycling your empty beauty products with us.